Shann - Mormon Row

Updated SHANN CALL - Mormon Row in Grand Teton National Park (previously titled "Molton's Cabin")

In this undated photo, Shann was celebrating the autumn colors as they brought an old pioneer barn to life. The picture was all the more striking with the late afternoon sun playing on the side of the Tetons.

Note: due to an error in cataloging, we had previously identified this photo as being of Molton's Cabin in the Grand Tetons. It is in fact one of the old buildings remaining from an abandoned settlement in the Park called "Mormon Row". For a good description of the area and how to get to it, see this write-up on JacksonHole.Net.

The National Park Service has done a great job in compiling a very readable Historic Resource Study titled "A Place Called Jackson Hole", that documents the trials of the early settlers in the area, including Mormon Row. And we thought we had it bad in Star Valley's early days!

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